About Us:


REC advises, engineers and supplies technology among the production of sustainable biodiesel. The chemist, owner and CEO of REC Dr. Ralf Türck works since more than 20 years in this green area of technology. He can refer to a large number of references:


- Biodieselplant 2.000 t bis 250.000 t/y

- Raffination bzw. Degummingplants 20.000 bis 100.000 t/y

- Biodieseldistilationen 10.000 bis 50.000 t/a

- Glycerinevaporation 3.000 bis 30.000 t/a

- Methanolrectificationen 2.000 bis 20.000 t/a

- Glycerindistillationen 3.000 bis 30.000 t/a

- REC-Fit-Modul (MBT-Process) 8.000 bis 50.000 t/a


With excellent contact to the chemical industry, REC can help inventors to bring new innovative chemical processes to the market.

At this moment REC commercializes the new MBT-Process from inaChem GmbH , a single step esterification-/transesterification process, which uses the new catalyst Methansulfonic Acid.